Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun and Games

Sophie sticks pretty close to Pretty Girl. Her favorite spot? The hoody on her jacket. When that wouldn't do - Santa's hat was just fine. They did wonderfully when we took them to Pet Smart with Daisy the woofie to have their photo taken with the man in the red suit.

You'll never guess what Santa brought for Milly and Sophie? A three-story cat tower! They're in absolute kitten over-load with that, their new jingle balls and a fish on a stick.

The kittens are growing and giving us a lot of joy these days.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Terror

Mom is reluctant to put out any Chrissy-mas stuff for fear that me and Soph will destroy items that have belonged to her for decades. WHAT? I surely don't know what gave her that idea. So, we took a few liberties with her baskets filled with artificial holly and ivy - that doesn't necessarily mean we'll be hanging from the tree top and shredding every ribbon we can find.

Although that does sound like fun. hehehehehehehehehe

The Chrissy-mas spirit hasn't come easy to Mom this year. But, she says she will start decorating tonite.

Meowy! New toys!

Soph discovered she can jump onto the dinner tray in Tea Guy's bedroom. Tea Guy being the old softy that he is when it comes to Soph, makes sure there's a tid bit or two for the little fuzz ball to eat on the tray. Mom and Pretty Girl aren't exactly thrilled since they're trying to get Sophie to eat just dry cat food. HA! Not a chance? Me, I'm a good girl and I eat just the dry Whiskas for Kittens.

Tea Guy isn't doing well. He still laughs at us when we visit him in his room. We're good medicine, Mom sez.

Purrs and head butts,