Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun and Games

Sophie sticks pretty close to Pretty Girl. Her favorite spot? The hoody on her jacket. When that wouldn't do - Santa's hat was just fine. They did wonderfully when we took them to Pet Smart with Daisy the woofie to have their photo taken with the man in the red suit.

You'll never guess what Santa brought for Milly and Sophie? A three-story cat tower! They're in absolute kitten over-load with that, their new jingle balls and a fish on a stick.

The kittens are growing and giving us a lot of joy these days.


  1. Those are cute pictures, especially the one with the santa hat. Hope you all had a great Christmas.

  2. A three story cat tree! WOW! that is wonderful when will we see pictures? I love how Sophie rides in the hood!

  3. The cat tree sounds fun! sophie is cute in the hoody :)

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, and Hollie