Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Tower's Back!

Mom brought the tower back to the family room last weekend! Ohhhhhhh, I missed it so much. Did you know there are sooooo many places I can reach from the tower top?
It's been REALLY cold and icey here in southwestern Ohio this week. I'm so glad I'm a cat and don't have to go outside like the dawg.
I watched television with Mom last night. We cuddled on the chair together with a flannel quilt Mom made a few years ago. There is NOTHING better than Mom's lap and a warm flannel quilt on a cold February night. Sophie? She still prefers being cozy in Pretty Girl's fur-lined hoodie.That won't last much longer since Sophie's growing.
Mom promises to get some more recent photos of us on the blog. Beans! Don't they know that's a priority?

Purringly yours,