Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Tower's Back!

Mom brought the tower back to the family room last weekend! Ohhhhhhh, I missed it so much. Did you know there are sooooo many places I can reach from the tower top?
It's been REALLY cold and icey here in southwestern Ohio this week. I'm so glad I'm a cat and don't have to go outside like the dawg.
I watched television with Mom last night. We cuddled on the chair together with a flannel quilt Mom made a few years ago. There is NOTHING better than Mom's lap and a warm flannel quilt on a cold February night. Sophie? She still prefers being cozy in Pretty Girl's fur-lined hoodie.That won't last much longer since Sophie's growing.
Mom promises to get some more recent photos of us on the blog. Beans! Don't they know that's a priority?

Purringly yours,



  1. Towers are a lot of fun. WE love ours. Flannel quilts are so warm and snugggly

  2. Those are cute pic-chers of you, Millie. You have cute pink pawsies! Towers are great jumping off places to new territory! Have fun and stay safe and warm.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  3. Cuddling is fun and it really keeps you warm, doesn't it, Milly??