Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The V-E-T

Mum bundled me into the prisoner transport unit yesterday for a trip to the v-e-t. She said I was going to be fixed.

Well, pardon me, I didn't know I was broken!

What an ordeal! I now have this funny looking scratch on my tum tum and omg, what happened to my furry belly? There's even a bald spot on my front leg! I just don't have my usual get-up-and-go either.

The tower - my Christmas gift - is GONE! Where did it go? (Mum's note: Put it away in the garage for a few days on vet's orders)

Sophie and I have gotten some primo cuddling time thanks to all this though. Mum sez Sophie's next, whatever that means. I don't like the v-e-t. She loves me though! Sez I was an excellent patient and I am a beautiful little cat. I tried to make myself small and bury my head under Mum's arm when the v-e-t wanted to pet me. I hope I don't have to see the v-e-t again for a LONG time.

Purrs and head butts,


  1. We're sending you purrs for a quick recovery! We don't think it'll be too long before you're up on your cat tower again. :-)

  2. I bet you got your lady-gardenectomy! You'll be fine in a few days, and I bet the tower reappears soon!


  3. Hi Milly! We hope you recovery quickly from your v-e-t visit and you get your tower back!!

  4. Congratulations on being a responsible kitty! WE know you will be bouncing around again is a couple of days