Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Tower's Back!

Mom brought the tower back to the family room last weekend! Ohhhhhhh, I missed it so much. Did you know there are sooooo many places I can reach from the tower top?
It's been REALLY cold and icey here in southwestern Ohio this week. I'm so glad I'm a cat and don't have to go outside like the dawg.
I watched television with Mom last night. We cuddled on the chair together with a flannel quilt Mom made a few years ago. There is NOTHING better than Mom's lap and a warm flannel quilt on a cold February night. Sophie? She still prefers being cozy in Pretty Girl's fur-lined hoodie.That won't last much longer since Sophie's growing.
Mom promises to get some more recent photos of us on the blog. Beans! Don't they know that's a priority?

Purringly yours,


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The V-E-T

Mum bundled me into the prisoner transport unit yesterday for a trip to the v-e-t. She said I was going to be fixed.

Well, pardon me, I didn't know I was broken!

What an ordeal! I now have this funny looking scratch on my tum tum and omg, what happened to my furry belly? There's even a bald spot on my front leg! I just don't have my usual get-up-and-go either.

The tower - my Christmas gift - is GONE! Where did it go? (Mum's note: Put it away in the garage for a few days on vet's orders)

Sophie and I have gotten some primo cuddling time thanks to all this though. Mum sez Sophie's next, whatever that means. I don't like the v-e-t. She loves me though! Sez I was an excellent patient and I am a beautiful little cat. I tried to make myself small and bury my head under Mum's arm when the v-e-t wanted to pet me. I hope I don't have to see the v-e-t again for a LONG time.

Purrs and head butts,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun and Games

Sophie sticks pretty close to Pretty Girl. Her favorite spot? The hoody on her jacket. When that wouldn't do - Santa's hat was just fine. They did wonderfully when we took them to Pet Smart with Daisy the woofie to have their photo taken with the man in the red suit.

You'll never guess what Santa brought for Milly and Sophie? A three-story cat tower! They're in absolute kitten over-load with that, their new jingle balls and a fish on a stick.

The kittens are growing and giving us a lot of joy these days.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Terror

Mom is reluctant to put out any Chrissy-mas stuff for fear that me and Soph will destroy items that have belonged to her for decades. WHAT? I surely don't know what gave her that idea. So, we took a few liberties with her baskets filled with artificial holly and ivy - that doesn't necessarily mean we'll be hanging from the tree top and shredding every ribbon we can find.

Although that does sound like fun. hehehehehehehehehe

The Chrissy-mas spirit hasn't come easy to Mom this year. But, she says she will start decorating tonite.

Meowy! New toys!

Soph discovered she can jump onto the dinner tray in Tea Guy's bedroom. Tea Guy being the old softy that he is when it comes to Soph, makes sure there's a tid bit or two for the little fuzz ball to eat on the tray. Mom and Pretty Girl aren't exactly thrilled since they're trying to get Sophie to eat just dry cat food. HA! Not a chance? Me, I'm a good girl and I eat just the dry Whiskas for Kittens.

Tea Guy isn't doing well. He still laughs at us when we visit him in his room. We're good medicine, Mom sez.

Purrs and head butts,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chasing Raindrops

Sophie and I had a good Thanks For Giving holiday with Mom, Pretty Girl, Tea Guy, Tattoo Boy and Pinky. The beans ate and drank a lot of weird stuff. Little Sophie was the only one who tried any of it - she LOVED the turkey. Me? Sniffed it, walked away. My stinky goodness is all I want!

Mom was home from her day job - so we joined her in the sewing room before she found us trying to shread the quilt she worked on. Geese! Can't a kitten have any fun? Our favorite game in the sewing room is Dive Bomb Into the Fabric followed closely by Bobbin Chasing, Batting the Batting and Finding Dropped Pins. Mom has a long metal tube/magnet that chases the pins, so she joins that last game and usually wins.

Us kitties are doing our level best to comfort/support Tea Guy. Mom checks on Tea Guy around the clock and one night she found Sophie on a pillow next to him. Good girl, Sophie!

It's been raining - a lot. Love, love, love chasing the drops on the bay window. Mom says snow tomorrow. Not sure I'm gonna like that.

Mom and Pretty Girl took a lot of flashy photos over the weekend of us - look for a Wordless Wednesday tomorrow!

Purrs and heat butts,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Woofies Can Share

This is Daisy the woofie. She tolerates us kitties most of the time, but she enjoys eating our left-overs. Before Sophie came to live with us, Daisy chewed on me a lot. For some reason, she can't be bothered with either one of us now.

Daisy does share her water bowl with us. Sometimes we more sophisticated kitties play with the water. Note the blue striped bowl - it says "Woof". Guess who eats out of this dish?

See the green tube along the floor? That's Tea Guy's oxygen line. Sometimes it gets dipped into the water bowl. No big deal, we drink around it.

Silly Mom - got right in Sophie's face and took a photo. Yikes!

Enough sillyness. Time for stinky goodness!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Comfort Cats

Tea Guy is sick. He sleeps a lot and when he walks it's tough for him to breathe. Sophie and I love playing with the air tubes Tea Guy drags around the house. But we're careful not to put holes in the tubes - that would hurt Tea Guy, who incidentally is the ONLY male in the house. Yay for us girls!

Yesterday when Mom returned home, she found both me and Sophie snuggling with Tea Guy. He's sleeping on the sofa. I'm on his lap and Sophie is curled up on the back of his neck (of all places!)

Once we smelled the food in our dinner bowls, we left Tea Guy. A kitten's gotta eat, you know.

After our haute cuisine of stinky goodness and the beans dined on tettrazini, Tea Guy laid in bed. Sophie and I joined him, with our purrrrr machines turned up nice and loud. We make him smile.

And Mom sez that's a good thing.

(Note from Mom: Our kittens bring such joy to our lives. They are a true gift from God!)