Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chasing Raindrops

Sophie and I had a good Thanks For Giving holiday with Mom, Pretty Girl, Tea Guy, Tattoo Boy and Pinky. The beans ate and drank a lot of weird stuff. Little Sophie was the only one who tried any of it - she LOVED the turkey. Me? Sniffed it, walked away. My stinky goodness is all I want!

Mom was home from her day job - so we joined her in the sewing room before she found us trying to shread the quilt she worked on. Geese! Can't a kitten have any fun? Our favorite game in the sewing room is Dive Bomb Into the Fabric followed closely by Bobbin Chasing, Batting the Batting and Finding Dropped Pins. Mom has a long metal tube/magnet that chases the pins, so she joins that last game and usually wins.

Us kitties are doing our level best to comfort/support Tea Guy. Mom checks on Tea Guy around the clock and one night she found Sophie on a pillow next to him. Good girl, Sophie!

It's been raining - a lot. Love, love, love chasing the drops on the bay window. Mom says snow tomorrow. Not sure I'm gonna like that.

Mom and Pretty Girl took a lot of flashy photos over the weekend of us - look for a Wordless Wednesday tomorrow!

Purrs and heat butts,


  1. Hi Milly!

    We're glad you had a good Thanks For Giving holiday. We're not much into turkey either, truth be told. Though ham is another matter.

    You're having such fun games in the sewing room! Best to let your mom win the one with the dropped pins, though!

  2. Both my kitties are with Sophie in the turkey loving department! Maybe you'll like turkey next year 'cause a girl kitty can change her mind ;)

  3. We know you girls all take good care of Tea Guy