Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Sis

Tea Guy was struggling one morning when he heard a bird smack into our picture window in the breakfast nook. Not an unusual thing for a birdie to do in our backyard, but Tea Guy went to the window to see if the poor chirpie was OK. No chirpie, but he heard a faint "meuw", then saw a black fuzz ball emerge from under the family gas grill. Poor Tea Guy couldn't go outside, his oxygen tubes wouldn't go that far.

When Mom and Pretty Girl arrived home, they went outside to look for the fuzzy thing. Not under the grill or the patio furniture. Mom heard a small cry from the side of the house. Fuzz ball had fallen into the window well and couldn't get out. Pretty Girl grabbed a warm, soft blanket and hugged Fuzzy whilst Mom phoned the vet on her cell phone. The vet made time for them and pronounced "It's a healthy girl!" which made Mom and Pretty Girl very happy. By then, Pretty Girl was attached to Fuzzy and named her Sophie.

Sophie lives in Pretty Girl's bathroom at night until she gets a bit bigger. I'm ashamed to say this is because of me. Yes, I have my failings and one of them is that I get too rough with tiny Sophie. But, I give it to Soph, she takes her lumps and doesn't bear a grudge. We play nice at times and I am sharing my toys afterall.

Cry! My word! Sophie has a set of lungs on her! She weighed less than a pound when we found her and I think 3/4 of that weight was lung power. The one thing that calmed her down the first few days was to lay on Tea Guy's chest. The two of them would cuddle for hours.

Do you think his beard reminded her of her cat mommy? We think her mom is the feral cat who lives in our neighbor's shed and mooches off everybody's trash. Mom has tried to catch her to get her neutered - poor thing's had at least three litters of kittens. Mom and Pretty Girl looked for other kittens after Sophie was rescued, but none were found.

Sophie can out-eat me too. Mom gives her "wet" food until she's grown a bit. Hey, I get the dry stuff, what gives? When Mom isn't looking I sneak into Sophie's bowl. Daisy, the woofie, does too! Then Sophie eats Daisy's food. We are a very sharing bunch!

Rumor has it, both Sophie and I are headed for the prisoner transport units tomorrow for a trip to the v-e-t. I think I'll hide under Pretty Girl's bed.


  1. Aw, Sophie is so cute!! We hope the two of you will be able to hang out together soon!!

  2. Oh, Sophie, you are so sweet! Millie, I know how you feel. But I was brought a full grown sister last year, not a little kitten. I have to admit, though, the sister is better than the brothers I used to have! They were trolls.

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  3. Sophie is very cute. WE are purring that your vet visit is very short

  4. Little sis Sophie is just precious. Paws crossed for a quick and simple v-e-t visit!

  5. Hi teeny tiny tuxie Sophie and beautiful Milly! We saw Millie had mentioned you in her post and said to come on over and say "HI" so we thought we would drop in. I'm Abby a tuxie manx, I have a sisfur who is also a tuxie and I have another sisfur who is a tabby and two tabby brofurs. We're a lively bunch! Come on over and I'll introduce you to efurryone.


  6. Hi Milly and Sophie. Nice to meet you. I heard about you from Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere (CB). I look forward to seeing more posts from you and hope you'll come visit me at *purrs*

  7. Hi Milly and Hi Sophie. Welcome to the CB, we hopes you have lots of fun here.

  8. Sophie is a little cutie! We hope the two of you will be good buddies soon. All the best for your v-e-t fun! purrs-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie