Monday, November 1, 2010

Introductions, Please

Head butts and purrs from southwest O H Ten where two of our sports teams (Bengals and Bearcats) are named after fuzzy, feline-like creatures and play a lot worse than the real animals would.

(MOM! No editorializing, you promised. OK, Milly!)

My name is Milly and I'm named after the famous, fantastic, furry friend in New Hampster - Millie. Like my namesake, I'm a tuxie. I was born on the fourth of July, so naturally I'm a very patriotic kitten and encourage my beans to vote tomorrow.

I digress....Mom and Pretty Girl found me at my temporary home - the Red Bank Vet Hospital in mid September. The minute Mom picked me up, I began to purr. "She's the one!" she told Pretty Girl. Pretty Girl held me whilst Mom completely the adoption forms with the doctor.

I cried and cried the entire way home despite Pretty Girl's efforts to speak soft words. That BOX I was in was horrible - I wanted out! But, that didn't last long. We arrived at a big house where Mom opened up the torture box and let me saunter out on my own. A lot of strange smells around - was there another cat somewhere?

Mom had "wet eyes" and said something about how nice it was to have another cat. She told Pretty Girl how much she missed Smudge, but I'd be a lot of fun. At that point, I knew I was the sole cat. BUT WAIT! OMG, what is that? It's a D-A-W-G. I'd heard about them woofies. This one has a long, skinny snout - she sniffed me all over. EW! Dawg boogers!!!

"Be nice, Daisy," admonished Pretty Girl. And Daisy was nice. She's a weenie dog who likes to eat MY food and enjoys my litter box - big EW! I tend to ignore her faults since she is a lot of fun. "Racetrack Through the House" is our favorite game.

Other than Mom, there are other beans in my world:

-Tea Guy: Mom's husband. Tea Guy is very sick and has a long green tube that pumps air into his lungs. He has a lot of bean visitors throughout the week from a land called Hospice. They take care of him when Mom is playing on the computer far far away. Mom gets "wet eyes" when she talks about Tea Guy sometimes. When he's having a good day, Tea Guy films me - I'm a star on You Tube!

-Tattoo Boy - Mom's baby boy. He lives in Bearcat-land and visits us when he's hungry, needs money or helps Mom with stuff around the house. TB loves me. His girlfriend loves me too and wants to sneak me into their apartment. But there are three dawgs in their house - no way, shape or form am I going home with them.

-Grammy and Grandpa - They live far from here and are Mom's parental units. Well, Grandpa is a step-daddy, but he's a good guy.

-and last, but not least - Pretty Girl - Mom's daughter. I sleep with her when I'm not chasing jingling balls around the house at night. Pretty Girl was the one who found my sister and I'll tell you more about her tomorrow.

Tea Guy said I landed on my feet when I found my forever home. I agree.


  1. Well hello there, Milly!! It's so nice to meet you and learn how you got gotted!! We can't wait to meet your sister and even Daisy the woofie and hear more of your stories!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  2. Hi Milly! We saw your link on the CB and just stopped by to say hi. We liked your gotcha story - sounds like you scored a pawsome furrever home. There's a dog in our house too, though at least we outnumber him three to one! :) Purrs-

    Fraidy Cats Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  3. Hiya Milly! Welcome to blogging! I can see you are already learning about being a quilt QA (Quality Assurance) cat!

  4. We came over from Millie's place to say hello!

  5. Hi Milly!! We saw you at Millie's place and came by to say Hi!! Welcome to blogging and we will be back to visit you!!
    Your TX furiends,

  6. Hi Milly! I saw your link over at Millie's and came over to meet you. Living with a woofy should be interesting. I agree with Tea Guy about your landing on your feet when you found your forever home.

  7. Hi Milly! We saw you mentioned on your namesake's blog and came over to welcome you to the Cat Blogosphere.

    We're Annie, Nicki and Derry from Fuzzy Tales, and we live with our human in southeastern Ontario, Canada.

  8. Hi Milly! We are Millie's fur cousins. We are woofies too, but we are nice woodies. You sure did land on your feet with your forever home. Isn't that awesome! We are so happy everyone loves you. Welcome to the blogosphere.

    Roxy & Lucky

  9. Hi Millie! Welcome to blogging! We're pretty new, too, and we live in Oklahoma! That's cool that you were named after Millie - she's famous!

    Your new friends, Fuzzy and Zoe