Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Question And Answer Time

YAWN! Silly Sophie woke up Mom and me at 4:30 this morning. Sophie didn't like the dry food Mom left in her bowl and wanted the primo-stuff (Whiskas). Wrong time of day to be asking for that, Sophie! You'll learn.

Mom's confused about several issues since she's never had more than one cat. Suppose you Cat Bloggers can help out:

1. Should Mom worry that I eat Sophie's food and Sophie eats anything including woofie food? Personally, I don't care what Daisy eats, but Mom has to watch the woofie - too much weight on weenie woofies is bad for their backs.

2. My (ahem) bathroom spot has been used by Sophie and I use Sophie's tray when the mood strikes me. Do we each need our own?

3. Why do cats need collars? I HATE mine and lose it whenever I can. Mom insists on it so she knows where I am - darned bell!

Here I am enjoying Tea Guy's shoes

Mom said Sophie and I are taking a trip this afternoon. That means one thing - v-e-t! Be brave, be very brave.


  1. Cats need taurine in their diet and I don't think dog food has that, so kitties need to be eating kitty food (or human grade meat) for the most part.

    The general rule of thumb for litter boxes is one for each cat, plus an additional one. Depends on the cats. Some prefer their own, hooded/unhooded, and some cats don't like to do both types of business in one box. My suggestion is at least two, as large as possible.

    As for collars, none of mine wear them now. Annie did for a while, a few years ago, and Nicki did when he was first adopted, because he was so skinny I was afraid no one would realize he had a home if he escaped. But both boys are microchipped, which is a good thing, IMO.

  2. For kitty food I meant a raw diet, with the proper proportion of nutrients, made from human grade meat. Sorry for any confusion!

    My mom used to feed their cat (she's gone to the Bridge now) typical grocery store cat food, but Smokey LOVED human food and Mom would cook up an extra pork chop or chicken leg or bit of steak for her at each meal too. I swear the good human meat is partially what led to her long life. LOL. (She was almost 20 when she was pts.)

  3. Kirby was put on 'diet' food so he would not get fat. None of us are, but could be if we were allowed to eat what we wanted. We all eat 'diet' food, but none of us are kittens. WE all share the same bowls. We have three and Mom has seen each of us eat out of all of them.

    WE only have 2 boxes and we share them. We have not had a problem there either.

    We ware calming collars now that Mac has joined us. Only Kirby wore one before. Angel has a short thick body and a collar on her looks like it is choking her, so she never had to wear one til the calming kind. Mac had never worn one in his 9 years of life. Mom will not put bells on us because we are so active at night and a bell disturbs her sleep!

  4. WE had read that woofie food was not good for kitties. But we might be wrong -- and they say have one litter box per cat plus one.


  5. We agree with the others on the litter boxes, one per cat plus one. There are three of us but we only have three boxes total and that works ok for us.

    There is great cat nutrition info at catinfo(dot)org and catnutrition(dot)org, and also our mom found a site called Feline Nutrition Awareness Effort (fnea(dot)org). Stinky goodness or a balanced raw diet is much better than crunchies. We have special protein and amino acid needs that dog food doesn't address. We sneak occasional kibbles from our doggy bro and that's ok but not for an every day diet. We each eat something different so we are fed specific meals and we all eat separately.

    We were pretty wild as little kittens and mom could never get a collar on us...actually, she was afraid to try, mol! We stay inside pretty much all the time.

    Purrs- Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  6. What all the others have said. Mum does not make us wear collars, but we are microchiped. We are not allowed outside.

  7. Hi Milly and Sophie and efurryone - we came here from Millie's place!

    None of us 4 wear collars - but we doesn't go outside efur (well Billy sneaks out, but the mom runs after him). We haf 3 GIANT HUGE JINORMOUS litter boxes that each take a whole big bag of worlds best cat litter - and that suits us just fine.

    Billy will eat woofie food when our woofie furriend visits, but it's prolly not a good thing to eat as an ONLY food.

    We's happy to meet you!