Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Woofies Can Share

This is Daisy the woofie. She tolerates us kitties most of the time, but she enjoys eating our left-overs. Before Sophie came to live with us, Daisy chewed on me a lot. For some reason, she can't be bothered with either one of us now.

Daisy does share her water bowl with us. Sometimes we more sophisticated kitties play with the water. Note the blue striped bowl - it says "Woof". Guess who eats out of this dish?

See the green tube along the floor? That's Tea Guy's oxygen line. Sometimes it gets dipped into the water bowl. No big deal, we drink around it.

Silly Mom - got right in Sophie's face and took a photo. Yikes!

Enough sillyness. Time for stinky goodness!


  1. So you put kitty spit in the woofie's water! Good deal!

  2. MOL Angel and Kirby - we were thinking the same thing!

  3. Wow - a little too close there for the pic!

  4. We're glad Daisy doesn't chew on you anymore.