Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Radio Waves

Sophie and me are such smart kitties! After a long night of playing with the silk flowers and tossing the tablecloth on the floor, we KNOW Mom is getting up when the box in her room starts making noise. This morning, both us kitties were at the door waiting for Mom.

Now, here's why I KNOW I'm a more mature feline - I dashed into the room and immediately inspected the quilt on Mom's bed.
Personally, I think this is Mom's best effort to date. I couldn't find a single loose thread.

Sophie, ahem, cried like a baby and totally ignored Mom's bed. Food, food, food - it's all that little fur ball thinks about.

Sophie and me are becoming quite the fans of The Biggest Loser - Mom and Pretty Girl sat in the big room and watched it with us last night. I kept Mom's lap warm and Sophie took a bath on Pretty Girl's lap.

Another first for the Sophmeister last night - Mom clipped her front claws. Mom's decided not to declaw us. PHEW!

Sun's out! I think I'll stretch out on the kitchen floor - nice warm spot there.


  1. We are so happy that your Mom is not going to declaw you! That is so cruel to kitties! Pretty quilt! W have a quilting Mom, too!

  2. Lovely quilt! We're glad your mom's not going to declaw you either, as many European countries, for instance, ban it because it's mutilation. It would be the same thing as cutting off a human's fingers, all of them, at the first knuckle and expecting them to function normally for the rest of their lives. Not good at all!

  3. That's a real pretty quilt. We bet it's real comfy to sleep on! And yay to your mom for not declawing you!! Clipping your nails really isn't that hard!