Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mom and Pretty Girl Return

What a rough weekend! Me and Sophie were home alone with Tea Guy. Mom and Pretty Girl went to a wedding in Memphis and stayed with a very fat weinie woofie named Roxie. Glad to have our "girl" beans home.

No offense, but Tea Guy isn't as nice to us as the girls are!

We survived our trip to the v-e-t. Sophie tested negative for feline leukemia (Phew!). She gained 1.5 pounds and I had gained 2 pounds - it's all that good food we're eating! Haha - Sophie has to go back in a month for more sharp needly stuff. Mom says I need to return in January to "get fixed". I ain't broken, so I don't know what she means by that!

No photos today- Mom's camera ran outta juice at the wedding.

But, I do have one more person to introduce: Pinky - she is Tattoo Boy's girlfriend. She came by the house last night with flowers for Mom - it was her birthday. Pinky LOVES us and wants to take us to her apartment. But she has three woofies. It AIN'T gonna happen, toots!

Purrs and head butts from me and Soph!


  1. We're glad your mom and Pretty Girl are home again and that the v-e-t visit went well.

    Happy belated birthday to your mom!

  2. Millie sent me over & I'm enjoying your posts:)

  3. Happy Birthday to Your Mom. We know how excited you are to have your girls home!

  4. Hiya Milly! It's rough when your person goes away and somebody else takes care of you. I agree, it's just not the same! Glad your Mom is back and Sophie is ok!

    your friend Millie